Ableton Retreat

Austin Ableton Retreat is an opportunity to deep dive into Ableton Live production over 3 days and assist you in the creation of a new EP. Often students and artists don’t have the time to commit to overcoming their learning curve or spending the time actually producing their original music. The Ableton Retreat helps break thru this and establish a new routine based on quick decisions and iteration. In the Retreat students will be challenged to create a new 2-track EP from scratch using samples from your laptop or the provided Ableton packs. It’s a simple idea, however the enforcement of a deadline at the end of the Retreat will be the motivation to make quick decisions and make progress on your EP. This workshop is designed to be an intensive bootcamp for serious producers ready to level up their game and create a new EP as quickly as possible.

DAY1 6PM-10PM – Sources/Samples sorting into 2 themes, Fx, Beat Loops, cultivation, analyze example tracks, create 2 track skeletons

DAY2 9AM-9PM – Early session, recording scenes, melodies, subtractive production, composition, arrangement, mixing

DAY3 9AM-2PM – Checklist listening/pomadero technique, Refine/Polish, Final master/export, Album creation

The goal is to CREATE a new work of music with 2 tracks that represents your current style or interests. Ideally we will use your current production setup to achieve this but if this is not practical we will have a loaner system that can be used and then we can export your project as a zip file.

You have the option of scheduling the Retreat over 3 recurring weekly days, like 3 Saturdays or 3 Sundays in a row, or the option of 3 days in a row like Fri, Sat, and Sunday for more of an intensive bootcamp experience.