Ableton Live Certified Training

Instructor led training for beginner and advanced Ableton Live users in Austin, Texas. Lessons are designed by Certified Ableton trainer Tom Carlile. Intro lessons are available or we can deep dive into a particular issue you are having. The goal is to advance you along the learning curve and have fun making music.

On location training sessions are available in Austin areas. Skype/Hangouts are an option for remote lessons.
Intro Lesson Topics

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Standard Lesson Topics:

  • Arrangement and Session views – Ableton DAW basics
  • Live 9 Features – Session Automation, Convert Audio to MIDI, New Devices
  • Live 8 Features – Instrument, Audio FX and Drum Racks
  • How to Warp Clips / Tracks and WHY
  • Using Scenes to build Performances
  • Quick Bouncing Audio, Reverse Envelopes
  • Quantized Automation using Dummy clips
  • Ableton Groove Pool
  • Sampler/Simpler Deep Dive (included with Suite)
  • EQ & FX Techniques
  • MIDI / Clip Editing Techniques
  • Controller Mapping, Signal Routing and Monitoring
  • Live DJ Glitch Techniques
  • Live Looper Recording and Overdubbing
  • Browser / Library Management
  • Mixdown topics, preparing tracks for Mastering

Advanced Topics

  • PUSH (1&2) Instrument training – Deep Dive
  • LIVE9 Hardcore training – Deep Dive
  • Remixing Tracks with Audio to MIDI
  • Ableton / Serato – The Bridge
  • Serato ScratchLIVE & Twitch
  • EQ & Gestalt Perception Mixing
  • Multiband Dynamics, Compression styles
  • Sidechaining and ill Gating
  • Using Live to queue sound effects for theatre
  • Sound FX design for games and music
  • Ableton Suite Instruments
  • Access Virus Total Integration TI2 Synth Setup
  • MAX 4 Live topics
  • StrangeLube’s Bag of FX Tricks
  • Melody Creation and Glitch Tek
  • Mastering Techniques using Ozone
  • Native Instruments Komplete suite – MASSIVE, Reaktor, Razor, Kontakt
  • Livid Instruments OHM64 Advanced presets/mapping
  • SugarBytes suite of VST plugins
  • MicroTonic Drum VST Tutorials
  • Resolume Video Mixing


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Let me know what other topics would be of interest. Thanks to everyone for the support and good vibes.